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Peterborough & Cambridge Removals

Peterborough & Cambridgeshire Removals

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Based in Cambridgeshire for more than 9 years, Nomad International is a highly recommended removal company serving Cambs and the surrounding counties. From our Peterborough base we can easily handle removals in and around the local area, as well as further afield.  Please give us a call or send us an email to arrange a quote!

Key Benefits:

Friendly, experienced removal men (and women) Read more

Our experienced staff are capable of handling even the most unusual requests. They will make your moving day much easier.  We regularly receive glowing reviews from customers mentioning our team members by name.

Full packing services Read more

Even for removals where distances are not great, it is still very important that all fragile items are packed properly and that furniture is protected and handled with care. Our staff have years of experience in dealing with both short and long-distance moves, so nothing phases them. We can also provide packaging materials for you if you would prefer to do your own packing.

Secure storage Read more

Sometimes our customers need a few days’ storage in between moving dates, and sometimes they need a few months. This is no problem for us – we can store any volume of goods for any length of time at our secure warehouse in Peterborough. For more information please see our Storage page.

BAR Members Read more

It is not easy to gain membership to the BAR, or to retain it. BAR members undertake regular, very thorough inspections of all of their systems and operations to ensure that they are operating professionally – non BAR member companies can operate however they want. This is critically important when you consider that anyone who buys a van or a truck can call themselves a “removal company”… be careful if you are considering using a man and van service and they are not registered. AS BAR members we also abide by the BAR Code of Practice, which protects our customers.

Reasonable prices Read more

Despite our experience and reputation in the elite international removals market, our prices are surprisingly reasonable for local removals. We are not the cheapest removal company in the world, but we are less expensive than you would think. So many of our happy customers tell us that we offer outstanding value for money.

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