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Our warehouse is part of the DSV Solutions building in Peterborough – one of the largest logistics companies in the world.  The building is safe, secure and can accommodate any volume of goods for any length of time.

Key Benefits:

Storage for convenience and peace of mind Read more

It is very useful to know that secure storage is available should you need it, just in case a delay in some aspect of the relocation necessitates storage for a few days, or even if longer-term storage solutions are required. We can accommodate any quantity of goods for any length of time, so there is no stress.

Secure, professional warehousing facility Read more

Besides household goods and personal effects, we can store cars, boats, motor cycles and can accommodate almost any other request.

Monitoring Read more

Warehouse staff are on site 20 hours per day during the week and long hours on weekends. The building is secure at all times.

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