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How Nomad is Focusing on Safety During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has defined the year 2020 so far.  And while we hope the worst is over, it’s likely that we’ll all have to do things a little differently for some time to come.  Here is how we are changing our operations to focus on safety and hygiene during these very unusual times.

Like most responsible movers, we stopped operations during the “lockdown” period, only re-starting again once the government recommended we do so on 11th May.  During this period most of our UK staff were furloughed, but we kept our office and warehouse open with only our General Manager on site.

Now that we’re back up and running again, this is how we’re managing things:

Temperature Checks

All staff in our office, warehouse and on removals (both UK and abroad) will have daily temperature checks at the start of the day.  Anyone with a fever will be sent home.

Symptom Checking

Anyone with symptoms of COVID-19 or anyone who has been in contact with any person with a confirmed case of COVID-19, must self-isolate until they are able to be tested. Access to testing is improving, and we believe that soon we will be in a position where anyone fitting these criteria can be tested very quickly.  Once a negative test result has been confirmed, the person can come back to work.


Our staff will be using PPE including masks, gloves, hand sanitiser and in some cases visors on all removals.

Our removal operatives will stay 2m away from each other, and from our customers, at all times where this is possible.  We will request that our customers make plans for there to only be one person from the family on site on removal day (for both collection and delivery), and that pets be outside. We also ask that this person wears a mask and endeavours to keep a distance of 2m from our staff too.

We will ask our customers to (where possible) pack everything themselves other than glassware, china, antiques and breakable items, which our team will pack because they require specialist skills.  For overseas removals where export wrapping of furniture is required, our team will do this too, although if customers prefer to do this themselves we will welcome this and advise them how to do it.  For short-distance UK removals where blanket wrapping is the preferred method, we will do this.

Government recommendations are for people moving home to give their home a “deep clean”, including all surfaces, immediately before moving day.  If our customers can make the time to do this it would be enormously appreciated.

Our team will bring their own tea, coffee and refreshments, including their own mugs.  We simply ask that a kettle be available, as well as facilities to wash.

In our removal trucks and vans, we will have a maximum of two people in the vehicle at once, travelling with the windows open where possible.  Stops will be kept to a minimum and PPE will be used at service stations.

Warehouse Operations

We receive deliveries to our warehouse frequently, so we have made changes to our processes here too.

When a driver arrives at our site he will speak to us through the window of our ground floor office, rather than coming into our office.  We will not physically sign documentation (including tablets).  The driver or delivery team will have space set aside for them at ground level where they can unload, and once they have departed our team will inspect the goods and securely store them.

Customers sometimes visit us in person too, and in these cases we will come outside (or into the warehouse space if it is raining,) to speak to our customers, where we can safely maintain 2m distance.  If a customer needs us to unload an item/s from their car, we will do so while insisting on maintaining 2m distance.  In practice this simply means asking our customers not to help us, but simply staying a safe distance away.

We will only have one vehicle delivering or collecting at a time, so we will be operating a queuing system (which will only be needed occasionally) where drivers are to remain with their vehicles until it is there turn to come in and load or unload.

Hand Washing

Our staff will be washing their hands much more frequently than before the coronavirus pandemic.  We expect most people are doing the same.  But please don’t be offended if someone on our team washes their hands after handling some boxes you have delivered to us, or after touching your car seat while unloading something for you.  They aren’t germophobic and they are not suggesting that you or your possessions are in any way unclean, it is just good practice during the pandemic.

Office Operations

We will be gradually bringing staff back from “furlough” in the UK.  While some staff will continue to work from home, some of the time, we will return to having more than one staff member in the office.   Managing this requires alertness from all staff members regarding the need to keep a safe distance from each other, and not to have numerous people in the same space at the same time.


Cleaning is more important now than ever.  Our staff will be regularly cleaning their work spaces (including office, warehouse and the interior of trucks and vans).  Surfaces will be wiped down very frequently – more than once per day in the case of “high traffic” desks, for example.  The interior surfaces of each truck and van will be wiped down at the end of each day, in addition to the normal regular cleaning.

The above measures are not an exhaustive list.  We will do whatever is required to ensure the health & safety of our team and our customers.


Removals is thankfully not a high risk profession in regard to the spreading of a virus like SARS-COV-2.  We do not come into contact with nearly as many people as retail workers, for example, so it is feasible for us to do our jobs very safely.  We are thankful to our customers for understanding the extra lengths we are going to during this time, and for supporting us in our efforts to provide high quality services while maintaining high standards of health & safety.

Nomad Moves Prestigious Oxford Laboratory

Equipment worth almost £700,000 becomes Nomad’s highest-value corporate move ever.

Moving EquipmentNomad International has completed the move of a research laboratory from Oxford to the Greek island of Crete this month.

When Powertrib, a leading consultancy in the field of tribology (the study of friction and lubrication) decided to relocate their laboratory to eastern Crete, they chose Nomad International for the move.

Removals to GreeceOriginally planning a dedicated Nomad vehicle for the journey, we calculated that we would be able to save the client a lot of money by allocating space on one of our regular vehicles instead.  Since the departure and arrival timings were suitable and sufficient space was available for to carefully load the delicate equipment, it made perfect sense to conduct the removal this way.

With an insurance value of almost £700,000 the equipment is the highest value consignment Nomad has moved to date.

The highly precise equipment had to be handled extremely carefully, and Nomad’s team were up to the task.  The most delicate instruments have their own travel cases so no special packing was required, but they needed to be handled with the utmost care and attention throughout the move.

Laboratory RemovalOn collection in Oxford we were able to get our state-of-the-art long distance removal truck right onto the site, with enough space to use the tail lift of another Nomad truck to carefully lift everything into place.

Crete is a different story of course, and we faced the all-too familiar problem of difficult access to the delivery location, which is in one of the most remote parts of the island (surely one of the most remote places in all of Europe).  Unfazed by the challenge, the Nomad team used a series of shuttle vans to carefully transport each item to its new home.

As usual, everything went well and the client was very pleased with the move.

If you are looking to transport delicate, unusual, antique or expensive items locally or overseas, Nomad is the ideal company to use.  We handle everything with the greatest care and professionalism.  Just give us a call or send us an email using the details at the top of this page, we are always happy to help.

Removals to Greece

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Nomad Tests Out New Truck at Peterborough Headquarters

Nomad International has taken delivery of the latest addition to its fleet, a top of the line DAF XF tractor unit for its international relocation work.  After running it in for a few months on local UK work, the truck is ready for international removals, and Nomad took it out for a drive and some photos on a beautiful day at its Peterborough headquarters last weekend.

BAR Removals PeterboroughThe Euro 6 truck is one of the cleanest and most fuel-efficient on the road, in keeping with Nomad’s commitment to continuous improvement in carbon footprint and environmental preservation.  Fitted with technology such as adaptive cruise control, an advanced emergency braking system and an electronic vehicle stability control (VSC) system, it is also one of the safest vehicles on the road.  Five cameras provide the driver with additional visibility all around the cab and continuously relay their data to the cloud, aiding not only safety but security.

Removals PeterboroughThe truck is designed for long distance transport, which makes it ideal for Nomad’s European removal work, especially the long journeys to and from Greece.  It will pull one of Nomad’s specialised 3,300cft removal trailers with air-ride suspension.  These trailers, which are also fitted with extensive additional security features, are ideal for long distance European removals.  Their huge volume and flexible interior configuration allows the company to transport several whole house removals inside each trailer, allowing the company to offer cost-effective pricing despite the huge distances involved in each move.

This is the latest in Nomad’s growing fleet of specialist removal vehicles, with each one serving a specific purpose.  Based in Peterborough and serving the local area since 2003, Nomad provides the highest quality local and international removal and relocation services.

If you would like a quotation or just a quick chat about your moving or storage requirements, give the Nomad team a call on 01733 311 561 or send an email to [email protected].

Nomad Attains British Standard in Overseas Moving

Nomad International has been awarded British Standard BS8564 in Overseas Moving Services, following a detailed audit and inspection this year.

This standard is one of only two internationally-recognised Standards in international removals.  Only a small percentage of removal companies hold BS8564, which attests to the professional manner in which the company conducts international moves.

BS 8564The standard covers everything from the very start of the process (assessment and quotation), to the methods through which the removal is conducted (including the training of staff, the packing materials used, vehicles and modes of transport, inventory and storage systems), right through to the company’s own monitoring and improvement of its systems.  Only the highest calibre international removal companies can achieve the standard, and only a small percentage of companies UK-wide hold it.

As a specialist in international removals for many years, Nomad has long been considered one of the highest calibre operators, especially in its particular specialty of removals to and from Greece.  Nomad conducts removals locally and all over the world of course, and achieving this British Standard is a testament to the company’s commitment to quality of service and customer care.

If you would like a quotation or even if you only have some initial questions about your moving or storage needs, just call the Nomad team on 01733 311 561 or send us an email at [email protected].  We’re always happy to help.