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Moving to UK

Car Shipping

Car shipping

Take your car with you

Wherever you are moving in the world we can help you to ship your car there too! We can collect your car from anywhere in the UK and ship it to your new home for you.

The most common way to do this is to send your car in the same container as your furniture and personal effects. In this case the car is loaded first and your professionally packed goods are loaded around and in front of the vehicle, with everything secured and separated so that the car itself is not touched. For European removals by road, the system is the same but everything is within a hard bodied truck of course, rather than a sea container.

The alternative method is “car only” shipping, which is available for most countries in the world (notably we do not offer this service for Greece). In this case the car is the only item in the container.

Each country has its own process for importing vehicles so it is important to get this right. If you take the time to understand this process, and the cost implications (taxes and duties) before shipping, you will avoid surprises later. For example, Australia has a “luxury car tax” which applies to cars above a value of AUD$67,525 (slightly higher for fuel efficient cars), in addition to import duty and GST.

Meeting the specific requirements of your destination country for the importation of your vehicle often mean starting this process several months before your removal, so it is good to be prepared.

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