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Peace of mind

Choosing a quality removal company like Nomad International means reducing the risk that something will go wrong during your move. Our team take great care and treat your possessions like their own. If we are doing all of the packing and wrapping for your removal then you have even more reason to trust that everything will arrive at your new home in perfect condition.

Removals Insurance

However, even with the greatest care and attention, occasionally things do go wrong. Insurance protection provides the peace of mind that you will be covered in the unlikely event that you experience loss or damage, or the extremely unlikely event of total loss. In the case of international removals where your goods need to cross the sea, it is heartening to know that you have this protection in place because you took out an insurance policy for the move.

Removals insurance is surprisingly cost-effective. Our insurers, Royal & Sun Alliance, provide extensive cover for both domestic and international moves. For international removals they will provide you with an insurance certificate in your name. In the unlikely event of a claim everything is handled here in the UK through our specialist insurance brokers Basil Fry & Co, who have their own claims department for removal claims.

Beware of companies who tell you “they” are insured up to £50,000 etc: this is not proper insurance and you are not really covered. Examples like these tend to be general policies protecting the company themselves, not the customer, and in the event of loss or damage you would rely on the company making a claim and passing on any funds received to you. Suggesting that simply because they have some blanket cover you are protected, is not true. This is not how removals insurance actually works and companies who describe it in this way are misleading you.

As a BAR member Nomad International operates according to a strict code of practice, which includes offering proper removals insurance that protects the customer. If you take out insurance for your removal with Nomad International you can be confident that the policy does actually protect you.

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