Packing Boxes

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Moving boxes and packaging materials

High quality packing boxes for your removal or storage

The way your goods are packed is the single most important factor in determining their condition on arrival at your new home. A lot of this comes down to packing technique, but equally important is the choice of packaging materials. You can use cheap, single-walled boxes … but if they collapse they won’t protect the precious things inside them!

Only use high-quality double-walled cardboard boxes to pack your belongings.

“How about clear plastic crates?” I hear you ask. While these can be handy for storage and are usually fine for this purpose, they are not at all suitable for removals, for two main reasons: (1) they are too rigid – there is not enough “give” in them, in other words they crack before they bend very far. The lids are especially susceptible to this; (2) they are not sealed with tape, so they are not air-tight. Much of the strength of cardboard boxes comes from the fact that they are sealed completely with tape, meaning that air inside provides a lot of extra support to stop them from being “squashed”. Plastic crates do not have this feature and are not suitable for protecting the goods inside them on long journeys.

Double-walled boxes are available in a range of shapes and sizes to suit the items they are carrying. For books and heavier items, use smaller boxes. For dresses, suits and other hanging clothes, use wardrobe boxes with hanging wardrobe rails inside.

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Expert wrapping and packing materials

Professional movers use a specialised form of bubble wrap called “Furnisoft” to completely wrap furniture prior to international removals and long-distance UK removals. This product protects the surface of the furniture on the inside, with bubble wrap in the middle and a layer of strong plastic on the outside, making it much harder wearing and simultaneously softer on delicate surfaces than traditional bubble wrap.

Removal professionals use a range of other products to suit each specific part of the wrapping and packing process. Rather than using newspaper to wrap around fragile items before packing, professional movers use “off cut” paper which has been shown to have more elasticity (not to mention no ink!) This product is ideal for protecting glass, china and ornaments inside packing boxes. Silverware is better protected by acid-free tissue paper, to ensure that the surface of the metal is not damaged by the pH of the paper. Acid-free tissue is also useful for covering the surface of oil paintings before wrapping and crating.

Mattress bags of specific sizes are very useful for protecting mattresses and divans in transit. These items don’t usually require padding, they just need protection from dust and scuffing during transport or storage, so mattress bags are ideally suited to this task.

Don’t forget to use good quality tape to seal your boxes and your wrapped items! Tape marked “fragile” can be useful to label particularly fragile items, but if you use a professional company they will treat everything as fragile so it is not necessary.

If you would like to buy moving boxes and packing materials we can sell them to you at a reasonable prices, certainly less than the price you would pay at a self-storage centre. Just send us an email or give us a call on the number at the top of this page and we will happily work out the cost for you and get them ready for you to pick up (or be delivered if you prefer).

Also check out the packing advice videos we created a few years ago over on our other site. They have some useful tips and techniques on how to pack different items for your removal or to prepare things for storage.

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