Moving Back to the UK

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Removals to Yorkshire

Moving to the UK

International shipping to the UK

No matter where you’re moving from, we can handle everything for you and take the stress out of your move to the United Kingdom. Whether you’re returning home after living overseas, or settling in the UK for the first time, we will make the moving process easy for you.

Moving Back to the UK

For European locations including Greece and Italy, Nomad will handle your removal door-to-door with our own team. For every other country, we will utilise our international network of professional moving partners to handle the entire process seamlessly, from packing and wrapping to international shipping to delivery here in the UK by our own Nomad team.


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One point of contact

Moving to UKWe will manage the entire process for you, coordinating with our partners to confirm dates, packing and crating requirements, insurance and everything else you need. We will book in confirmed collection and shipping dates for you and we will be on hand throughout the process to handle any questions you might have, from customs issues to insurance questions to anything else.

If you have unusual requests (need a grand piano lifted by crane from a 7th storey window?) just ask! Anything can be done with the right planning. Just tell us in advance and we will arrange it.

As collection day approaches we will stay in touch regularly and our local moving partners will also be in contact to discuss last minute logistical issues to prepare for the big day.

Settle in with ease

Moving to the UKWhen you arrive in the UK we will keep in touch with you regarding the arrival of your container (or your truck if coming by road from Europe), and book in your delivery date.

Delivery day is even easier than collection day because there is no packing to do. Before we start we will protect your carpets with special film and prepare ourselves for any steps or tricky corners we will have to negotiate to bring your furniture inside. Our men will then unload everything step by step, checking each item against the shipping inventory and placing everything into the correct rooms for you.

Some clients require delivery to multiple different addresses – this is no problem either. Just let us know the details and we will handle everything for you.


If you’re not quite ready to receive your belongings we can easily store everything for you in our secure warehouse for as long as you need, and deliver when you’re ready. Or if you need delivery of “some now, some later” we can happily do this for you too.

International shipping to London

Moving to LondonOne of the most international cities in the world, London is a hub for professionals from all over the globe. Thousands of people move to London from abroad each year. If you are planning an international removal to London, Nomad is the perfect choice. We conduct removals to London all year round, and we’re very experienced at dealing with the capital’s unique challenges (parking, the congestion charging zone, the ultra low emission zone and more!). Our warehouse is located within easy reach of the city so it is easy for our team to conduct your delivery to any part of London within a day.

We cover the entire UK of course, but London is a particular focus for us. And not being based in the city means that our warehousing costs are slightly less, a saving that we can pass onto our customers.

Moving to the UK

Moving to Scotland

Many people find paradise in Scotland

No matter where you’re moving to in the UK, Nomad can help.  We handle removals from all over the world, to all over the UK.  From Cornwall to Scotland, we can handle your move with ease.

Overseas moving experts

It’s not just our experience or our extensive customer recommendations that give people the confidence to move with us: we hold British Standard BS8564 in Overseas Moving – one of only two internationally recognised standards in international shipping and moving. We are independently audited each year to confirm that our methods are of the highest standard.


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Moving back to the UK

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