Nomad Tests Out New Truck at Peterborough Headquarters

Nomad International has taken delivery of the latest addition to its fleet, a top of the line DAF XF tractor unit for its international relocation work.  After running it in for a few months on local UK work, the truck is ready for international removals, and Nomad took it out for a drive and some photos on a beautiful day at its Peterborough headquarters last weekend.

BAR Removals PeterboroughThe Euro 6 truck is one of the cleanest and most fuel-efficient on the road, in keeping with Nomad’s commitment to continuous improvement in carbon footprint and environmental preservation.  Fitted with technology such as adaptive cruise control, an advanced emergency braking system and an electronic vehicle stability control (VSC) system, it is also one of the safest vehicles on the road.  Five cameras provide the driver with additional visibility all around the cab and continuously relay their data to the cloud, aiding not only safety but security.

Removals PeterboroughThe truck is designed for long distance transport, which makes it ideal for Nomad’s European removal work, especially the long journeys to and from Greece.  It will pull one of Nomad’s specialised 3,300cft removal trailers with air-ride suspension.  These trailers, which are also fitted with extensive additional security features, are ideal for long distance European removals.  Their huge volume and flexible interior configuration allows the company to transport several whole house removals inside each trailer, allowing the company to offer cost-effective pricing despite the huge distances involved in each move.

This is the latest in Nomad’s growing fleet of specialist removal vehicles, with each one serving a specific purpose.  Based in Peterborough and serving the local area since 2003, Nomad provides the highest quality local and international removal and relocation services.

If you would like a quotation or just a quick chat about your moving or storage requirements, give the Nomad team a call on 01733 311 561 or send an email to [email protected].