Removals to Greece

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Shipping to Greece

Removals to Greece

Nomad are the experts

If you’re moving to Greece you’ve found the right company. Although we handle removals all over the world, Nomad’s number one destination is Greece. It is such an important part of our business that we have a dedicated website specifically for removals to Greece.

Removals to Crete

One of Our Removal Trucks in Crete, Greece

Nomad is the most recommended removal company in Greece, and the only BAR-registered company that specialises in Greece, handling every removal door-to-door without using agents. Many of the testimonials and recommendations on our Google page and our Facebook page are from people who we have moved to or from Greece over the years.

Delivery to Tilos, Greece

Some Happy Nomad Customers

Regardless of where you are moving to in Greece, we can help. We move hundreds of people to Greece each year, and we cover all of mainland Greece as well as all of the islands.  From the Peloponnese in the south to Thessaloniki in the north and of course Athens and everywhere in between, we can ship anything to Greece for you.




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And if you are moving to a distant Greek island, don’t worry! We are the experts. From Crete to Corfu, Lesvos to Mykonos, Paros to Paxos, Kefalonia to Rhodes and many more, we have moved hundreds of families to and from the Greek islands. Even islands with tiny populations like Meganisi, Nysiros and Samothraki and even Hydra have been visited by our fantastic removal team.

Moving to Greek Islands

Find out why Nomad is the best removal company for shipping to Greece

We also have our own dedicated parcel shipping website for shipping parcels to Greece.  So even if you’re not moving but you just want to send a few items to Greece, we can help!

But when you’re moving lock, stock and barrel, especially if your move is a little bit complicated, this is where we really come into our own. We pride ourselves on the expertise we bring to the removal process, and the way in which we can help take the stress out of it for our clients.


Head to our dedicated removals to Greece site for more information about Greece, and a free quote

Door to Door in Greece


Nomad’s process for removals to Greece includes:

  • Full door-to-door delivery (placing everything into the right rooms)
  • Fast, secure transport by road
  • Frequent dedicated departures
  • Our own team door-to-door for the entire removal (no agents)
  • Use of our own shuttle vans in Greece
  • Accessing difficult locations is our specialty
  • Expert packing
  • Secure storage

We also handle removals from Greece to the UK of course. With our own dedicated removal trucks constantly moving to and from Greece, it is absolutely no problem for us to perform the exact same service in reverse.