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Nomad International are the experts at international removals. With more than 16 years’ experience in international moving, membership of the BAR and British Standard BS8564 in Overseas Moving under our belt, we are the best choice for your international relocation.

Whether you’re moving to the United States, Canada, the Middle East, Africa, India, Asia, New Zealand or anywhere in Europe, Nomad International will handle your removal with care and attention to detail. We specialise in Greece and Australia but we regularly move people all over the world, from Mexico to South Africa, so we can certainly help you with your move.

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Packing for your international move

Fagile packingOne of the first differences you will notice when planning an international move compared to moving in the UK is the attention we pay to packing. For overseas removals the gold standard approach is to export wrap all furniture and appliances using special protective products like Furniguard and Furnisoft. Fragile items like china, glassware and ornaments have to be specially packed for the journey also. Some items may even need to be crated for transport, to provide extra protection.

Our professional team will be able to do all of the packing, wrapping (and crating if necessary) for your international move. We will plan everything in advance and bring all of the required materials on move day. In some cases we may recommend a “pre-pack day” in order to allow us some extra time for larger quantities of packing. With our team doing all of the packing for you, the process is a lot easier and it also helps from an insurance point of view, as there will not be the same insurance restrictions if your belongings are all professionally packed.

Export WrappingSome of our customers prefer to do their own packing, and this is no problem either. The same attention to detail on packing is required, and we can provide any advice you need, just ask! We can even show you some videos we made a while ago on our other site, teaching export wrapping and packing techniques. If you would like to buy packing boxes and packaging materials we are happy to help, with a full range of high quality moving boxes and packaging products for sale at reasonable prices for our customers.

Our international network

No single removal company can cover the entire world themselves, so professional movers cooperate to provide a seamless service to our clients. As members of the British Association of Removers we are considered amongst the most professional movers in the UK, and we have access to partners with the same credentials in other countries. So when you are moving to Australia or Canada or the USA, for example, our trusted partners will receive your shipment and handle everything with the care and attention to detail that we demand from them. We will manage the entire process and ensure that your removal is conducted professionally and without stress, from door-to-door.

Road, air and sea

We will conduct your removal by the most appropriate and cost-effective method available, whether this be by road (for many European destinations), by air freight (for smaller consignments to other continents) or by sea container shipping. Sometimes a combination of methods can be used to meet specific time and cost requirements. Just give us a call to discuss your needs, we will be happy to help.

Nomad Team

Taking the stress out of moving

We pride ourselves on our outstanding customer service, which is something many of our clients have mentioned in their testimonials and reviews. No matter where in the world you are moving to, your personal move manager at Nomad will be your point of contact for the whole move, from door-to-door.

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Where are you moving to?

The last time the UK government analysed the locations of British expats was in 2006 when the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) published a report called “Brits Abroad”. This showed that Australia has by far the greatest number of British expats, followed by Spain, the United States and Canada.

These data preceded the global economic meltdown in 2008, following which it was reported that a significant proportion of Brits in Spain left the country due to the property crash, so the figures for Spain may be lessened. It is also unclear, for example, what effect the Brexit debate has had on emigration from the UK. But the data does provide a good general insight into where the roughly 5 million British citizens who live overseas have chosen to live.

Rank Country British expat residents (2006)
1 Australia 1,300,000
2 Spain 761,000
3 United States 678,000
4 Canada 603,000
5 Ireland 291,000
6 New Zealand 215,000
7 South Africa 212,000
8 France 200,000
9 Germany 115,000
10 Portugal 60,000
11 Cyprus 59,000
12 UAE 55,000
13 Pakistan 47,000
14 Singapore 45,000
15 Switzerland 45,000
16 Israel 44,000
17 Netherlands 44,000
18 Thailand 41,000
19 China (incl. Hong Kong) 36,000
20 Turkey 34,000
21 India 32,000
22 Kenya 29,000
23 Belgium 28,000
24 Barbados 27,000
25 Saudi Arabia 26,000
26 Italy 26,000
27 Jamaica 25,000
28 Japan 23,000
29 Sweden 18,000
30 Greece 18,000
31 Nigeria 16,000
32 Norway 15,000
33 Egypt 14,000
34 Philippines 14,000
35 Malaysia 13,000
36 Trinidad and Tobago 11,000
37 Brazil 11,000
38 Bahrain 11,000
39 Gaza & West Bank 11,000
40 Indonesia 11,000
41 Denmark 11,000
42 Bangladesh 9,200
43 Malta 9,000
44 Mexico 8,500
45 Austria 8,500
46 Argentina 8,300
47 Qatar 8,100
48 Oman 7,800
49 Malawi 7,400
50 Venezuela 7,200
51 Jordan 7,200
52 Kuwait 7,100
53 Czech Republic 6,800
54 Brunei 6,400
55 Macao 6,300
56 Zimbabwe 6,100
57 Russia 6,100
58 Ghana 5,900
59 Zambia 5,800
60 Poland 5,600
61 Tanzania 5,500
62 Luxembourg 5,500
63 Chile 5,200
64 Hungary 5,200
65 Botswana 5,000
66 Costa Rica 4,800
67 Peru 4,600
68 Romania 4,500
69 Sri Lanka 4,400
70 Bahamas 4,100
71 Vietnam 3,800
72 Colombia 3,600
73 Libya 3,600
74 Gibraltar 3,600
75 Yemen 3,400
76 South Korea 3,400
77 Iran 2,900
78 Antigua/Barbuda 2,800
79 Finland 2,800
80 Nepal 2,700
81 Grenada 2,500
82 Uganda 2,500
83 Ecuador 2,400
84 Morocco 2,400
85 Azerbaijan 2,400
86 Swaziland 2,300
87 Guyana 2,200
88 Lebanon 2,200
89 Syria 2,200
90 Belize 2,000
91 Sierra Leone 2,000
92 Iraq 2,000
93 Guatemala 1,900
94 Dominica 1,800
95 Netherlands Antilles 1,800
96 Seychelles 1,800
97 Namibia 1,700
98 Mauritania 1,600
99 Serbia-Montenegro 1,600
100 St Lucia 1,500

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